Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lord Sri Chakrathalwar

Lord Sri Chakrathalwar helps who are in great danger. our sins are freed and can attain a great level in our lives. Powerful protecting god against the evil thoughts and people. By reciting his sloka daily, our mental stress are relieved & doing Sri Sudharsana Homam is considered to one among the greatest and sacred homams. This homam is done not only for a particular person's favour but also done for the peaceful life of this entire world against the evil. This homam is done towards Sri Chakkarathalwar, who is said to be the Hamsam of Sriman Narayanan.

Chakkarathalwar is found in the hands of Sri Vishnu, the protecting god. He helps his bhaktas who are in great danger. Chakkarathalwar is found along with him thereby waiting to help Sriman Narayanan. So, Chakkarathalwar is said to be the “Saving God” for every bhaktas. .

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