Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guru Peyarchi 2010 predictions

Mesham / Aries

You have enjoyed a prosperous and happy life while before transit. Now jupiter is transiting your twelfth house, the house of loss / vyaya. This period indicates loss of wealth. Becareful about your new business undertakings. Avoid speculation/lottery share market etc. But jupiter in this transit jupiter occupies its own ruling sign - Meena. This will reduce the bad effects to some extent. Medical expenses will increase. Take
care about mohter's health. Things will improve when jupiter againt tranists to the eleventh house due to retrogade motion during november, 2010.

Rishabam / Taurus

Taurus born people will enjoy a happy life due the tranist of jupiter. In short they will acquire wealth and status. Their professional status will improve. If you are in a job you will get promotion and increments. Business endeavors will result in good profits. There may be auscpicious ceremonies in the family or close relatives. Jupiter's 11th house transit will help you to acquire house/property, vehicles. Health will improve.

Mithunam / Gemini

Jupiter is transiting your tenth house the house of profession / jeevana. Jupiter will cause obstacle in business/job. Losses are expected. Problems due to labor government etc are indicated.

Kadaka / Cancer

This is a favorable transit for kadaka rasi born people. Jupiter enters the bhagya sthana for your rashi. This indicates imporvements in professional sphere. Employees will get promotion, transfers to the places they want, get name and fame. Generally good for overall life.

Simha / Leo

Be warned Leo born people! Jupiter tranist your eight house. The ashtama sthana is generally considered inauspicious. You may encounter opposition from professionl, business and family life. Be prepared to meet letigations, health problems, hospital expenses. Obstacles in undertakings are indicated by this tranist. This is not a good time for new endeavors.

Kanni / Virgo

This is a good and favorable transit for kanni rashi people. Jupiter tranist the kalathra sthana which indicates hormony and happy in family life. Husband and Wife will understand each other well during this period. Family relations will improve. Separated couples will regroup. Partnership business will improve. Generally good results are indicated. Auspicious journey is indicated.

Tula / Libra

For Tula rasi people jupiter is transiting the sixth house from rasi which is unfavorable. Troubles from enemies is indicated. You may suffer from illness and medical expense may be there. Unexpected unnecessary travels are indicated. Be careful about your opponets/enemies. Avoid taking new loans. Avoid borrowing money. Difficult period.

Vrsichika / Scorpio

A good time starts for scorpio born people. General happiness and birth of a child is indicated. During this period good income, success in undertakings, travel to holy places, happiness from children is indicated.

Danush / Sagittarius

Jupiter is transiting your 4th house which is not good. General results are discord at home and increase of opponents. Problems are indicated with relatives. Mothers health also will worry you. There may be expenses due to house and vechiles. Try to avoid selling / purchasing new / old house and vehicles.

Makara / Capricorn

Ill health is indicated when jupiter tranist third house from janma rasi. Failures in undertakings, obstacles, problems due to servants / labors, quarrels with superiors, problems with brothers, fear, anxiety, unexpected expenses, displacement and like things will happen

Kumbha / Aquarius.

Second house tranist of jupiter will bring you wealth and health. Gain of wealth is indicated. You will get success in business / job. Will get name and fame. Marriage and other good occassions are indicated.

Meena / Pisces

Displacement and expenditure is indicated for Meena rasi born people. Jupiter transits your janma rasi / birth sign which is not good. Avoid new undertakings and be careful about enemies.

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