Tuesday, April 6, 2010

தமிழ் சித்திரை வருடப்பிரப்பு - விக்ருதி - 14th April 2010

தமிழ் விக்ருதி சித்திரை வருடப்பிரப்பு -

Tamil Chittrai New Year Special Pooja.

14th April 2010 - Pooja Morning 7.00am & Evening 7.00pm.

Panchagam Reading on 14th April 8.00pm

For more details Contact Temple : Tel No : 03 - 80685928

The Varushapirapu is the Tamil New Year, it is a time for celebrating new and prosperous beginnings. The 14th of April is the beginning of the first month Chittirai of the Tamil year (Vikrudhi year), which is celebrated as the New Year and is also known as "Chittirai Vishu". Varusham is the Tamil word for "year" and 'Pirapu' can be translated as the "birth" or "beginning" or "commencement" of an event.

According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Creator of the world Lord Brahma started creation. On the Tamil New Year's Day, poojas are performed in various temples.

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