Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 Yearly Predictions- Rasi Palan ( ராசி பலன் )

Vrishaba Rasi :

Yearly Predictions for Vrishaba Rasi :- Kirthika 2,3,4 padam ,Rohini 1,2,3,4 padam and Mrigasira 1,2 padam :

General prediction: Jupiter is in your 9th house of fortune.Your financial status will improve over the next one year.Income from various sources are seen.You will be in a good position to expand your business and will repay all your loans.

From January 2009 to March 2009: You may lose your belongings as you should be very cautious in your approach during January.Quarrel and misunderstanding among relatives, friends might occur during the period.February month will be very promising as you will achieve all your targets.Monetary conditions will be steady.Loans from financial institutions will get cleared.Support from your team members and project leaders will boost your career.You will enjoy material comforts and will travel to long distance during March.

From April 2009 to 15th June 2009: The month of April will be promising as many auspicious ceremonies might take place in your family.Your income will rise to high levels.You will have good relations with your project leaders and team members but in the month of May, you should follow cautious approach.You should avoid unwanted arguments.Misunderstanding among close relatives,friends is seen.

From 15th June 2009 to 13th Oct 2009: Jupiter turns retrograde during the period.Ketu will be in your 3rd house and Rahu with Jupiter. Slugishness in your business is seen during the month of June.You should avoid taking high risks and expansion of business should be posponed.Minor disputes among family members especially among brothers and sisters will be a cause of concern.Monetaty conditions will be unsteady during the month of August.There will be a bigh relief for you in the month of September. Though all your delays will come to an end, you should be careful till mid October.

From 13th Oct 2009 to 31st Dec 2009: Jupiter turns to normal position during this period. Everything will start to move in a faster phase.Planning will be a crucial point to be noted during the month of October.Disputes will come to an end.Litigations will be decided in your favour.You will gain from your blood relatives during the month of November.You will see tough competition during the year end.You should be more focussed and concentrate to achieve more.

Favorable things: God - Goddess Lakshmi Day: - Wednesday & Friday. Date: - 6,14 and 23. Gem: - Diamond, Blue topaz.

Remedies: Worshipping Lord Ganehsa and Lord Sani on Friday and Saturday will lessen your problems.Performing Navagraha homa and Guru preethi homa will be better.

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