Friday, October 10, 2008

18’ Chanting Mantras for Home

18’ Chanting Mantras for Home on Sale at Sri Srininavasa Perumal Temple NOW !!!!

This Malaysia Made Product
It is not only cheap but you and your family will also benefit from this product...

Such as:-

1. The recital of this mantras’ destroys our sins and brings everlasting peace...

2. Brings in prosperity & money.

3. Purifies the atmosphere and makes it serene and divine.

4. Due to the purification of the atmosphere, school going children will have a very good remembrance in their studies.

5. Sents away the thief, as they felt that there is someone in the house due to mantras chanting.
(Keeps thieves away, as they sense that there are someone in the house due to mantras chanting).

The quality of the product is excellent have tested this product for a month for 24 hours non-stop.

Available at Temple Counter.Worth to get one at home or office.

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