Friday, August 29, 2008

Vastu Tips !! " The Ideal Place for an Altar "

The prayer room is the third most important quadrant on a property, after the master bedroom and kitchen. It is vital the altar be located correctly so that the occupants will enjoy bliss and peace of mind. The north-east quadrant of the house is the appropriate place for a prayer room; this room should not be used as a bedroom.The Goddess of Wealth resides here. The altar should be placed facing east in the prayer room and the person praying should face west. Ideally, the prayer room should be on the ground floor, but if that is not possible, have it on the top floor – provided it is in the NE quadrant.Use fresh flowers or garlands to decorate the shrine. Do not use artificial blooms because they do not bring any benefit.Photographs of ancestors and family members who have departed should not be placed together on the altar.this room should not be used as a bedroom.

" I would like to thank Vastu Master Yuwaraj Sowma and Mr. T. Selva for giving permission to use their articles in our blog .

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