Saturday, July 26, 2008

சூர்ய கிரகணம் ( Surya Kiraganam) Solar Eclipse on 1st August, 2008

A total eclipse of the sun will be observed on 1st August 2008. To see a total solar eclipse, you must be standing within the band of its shadow, stand anywhere outside and you only see a partial eclipse. A solar eclipse is a New Moon that occurs when the moon is on the same latitude as the Earth and the Sun. As this New Moon passes between them it blocks out the sunlight and casts a shadow across the earth’s surface.

Surya Granam - 7.26 pm - 8.31 pm.

" Avoid food during eclipse "

* Special Pooja at our Temple on 2.8.2008 , 6.30 am will be held.

Those with below Nachathiram, can do their Parigara Pooja on 2.8.2008 @ 6.30 am
- Punarpusam
- Pusam
- Aiyilyam
- Anusham
- Utharadham


NOV said...


Nice blog. Can you please add more details like the history, the sannidhis, etc. I know that there is a chakraththalwar and an aandal sannidhi. Information on them would be interesting.

Pukalenthi.T said...

Hi nov, thanks for visiting this Blog and for your comments.Sure we will add more information about this temple in our next few Post.